Thursday, February 03, 2011

February FETC highlights

100+ Free Internet Resources for Real Teacher in Real Classrooms!
Pamela Kenney

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Programming Wizards: Teaching Future Engineers With

How to view YouTube videos while at school
for playback without an internet connection or mashup

Voice Thread
have students build discussions that can be shared with others

iTunes – search “florida” choose iTunes U

Online videos for kids to learn from

An online app for creating “word clouds” from text you paste in or test from a URL that has an RSS feed. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes.

After checking out the above resources, please post your favorite new site and how you could use it in your classroom to integrate technology into your curriculum.



Jennifer G. said...

I love the link to Zamzar! I have found SO MANY great videos on YouTube in the past that I couldn't show the students because of the site being blocked in schools. Now, I will be able to stream these videos through my laptop onto the board using my document camera.

This is an extremely useful resource!

Alicane said...

I agree with Jennifer! So many times, there are excellent video resources on YouTube that you are not able to view at school. With Zamar, you still have to do your research at home as you cannot convert a video at school due to the filters.

Debbie said...

FETC was wonderful! I was wrapped up in the Discovery Education Booth. They have added so many wonderful benefits to Discovery science including assessments!

Pinnacle was also very interesting. I would love to see the county upgrade to 8.0!!! :)

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