Thursday, November 04, 2010

October's Follow Up

Hope you all enjoyed the extensive Promethean trainings this month. As part of the follow up to our trainings, please set up an account at Promethean Planet and find a flip chart that would enhance some of your current curriculum. After downloading the flip chart, please post a comment on how this technology could enhance your classroom.

Here is the link:


Jennifer Godbey said...

I found an amazing flip chart on 3rd grade Calendar Math. I could use this in my classroom on a daily basis. Using it would save a lot of time and be a lot more stimulating to the students. :)

Alicane said...

I have been using a lot of flipcharts from the CAB Promethean Learning Community. I like some of the resource packs from Promethean Planet, but I find that the exchange of information on CAB is better geared to our curriculum. I did enjoy the Halloween backgrounds supplied from Promethean Planet. I was able to change a few of the backgrounds out in order to make the lesson more time sensitive.

Debbie said...

I downloaded a flip chart on the phases of the moon. This one was great. It included a chart that allowed the kids to place the various moon phases in the proper sequence. :)

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