Thursday, November 04, 2010

November's Follow Up

This month we will learn about different classroom website builder's, some free, some not so free. If we get more teachers to create classroom websites, maybe I could ask PTA to reimburse you for the cost; otherwise, I will highlight some of the free services. Check the links on the left side of the blog. Your follow up will be to create a classroom website. If you want to continue it for your students and parents, I can link it on the Griffin website.

Happy November!


Jennifer G. said...

My classroom website can be located at I believe that I showed it to you at our last meeting! If you could link it to my name on Griffin's website, that would be wonderful! Thank you! :)

Jacke said...

Hey Jen-

Great to see you using the blog. I will create a link to your website on the Griffin site today, before the meeting. Thanks!!!

Debbie said...

My website is located at the following link
I update it weekly and send an email update to my students and their parents. :)

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