Friday, December 03, 2010

December's Follow up

Hope you learned at least something new during our Tips and Tricks training. For December's follow up, I need an example of how you use tables or of how you could use tables in creating classroom content. could send me a screen shot of how you re-organized your CAB folders. On the Mac you can take a screen shot of your screen, by selecting Shift/Command/4 .... that will place a cursor on your screen...just drag the cursor around the area you want to capture and you will hear a click. You should now have a picture file on your desktop. On the Dell, open your CAB to display your new folders, press the keys ALT and PRNT SCRN, nothing will happen, but you are holding a picture of your screen in memory. Open up a Word document and PASTE the image into your document. Please upload that picture file or send it to me via email.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!!!

PS - Don't forget you can always go to Atomic Learning to access video snippet tutorials, via BEEP.


Jennifer G. said...

I use tables a lot for organizational purposes in the classroom. I create my weekly lesson plans on MS Word using the table function. I also use the table function to create grading rubrics for projects. Most recently, I created a grading rubric for the Science Fair projects. Tables are a great to way to help you stay organized!

Jacke said...

Hey Jen--

Great uses of tables. I would love to see the grading rubric for the SF projects.


Alicane said...

I use tables just about every day. I use tables from Excel inserted into word for my daily schedule and lesson plans. Recently, I have also used tables to make a weekly behavior chart with multiple skills to address. I use them in order to try make my work look a bit more professional and user friendly for others that are not used to my organizational style.

Debbie said...

I use tables as an organizational tool for myself including my lesson plans. I also use tables to create data tables upon which my students to collect data during our science activities. :)

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